Organization rules

Rules for the production and approval of layouts

Dear customer, given the peculiarities of modern business, the time remaining for production, the abundance of home designers, the charisma of investors, the indifference of managers and other, far from force majeure factors, I want to enjoy the finished product just because it is ready!

Nevertheless, the end user (oddly enough) really wants to get a quality product. That is why, please read the following rules in order to avoid unpleasant surprises:

1. The design is given to production only if the printout of the design (hereinafter — layout) contains the signature of the customer.

1.1 The customer signs the layout only after a thorough check.

1.2 The painted copy of the layout is stored in the Motin Production archive and is the standard.

1.3 The layout printed on the printer cannot be a color standard (color proof). If the customer needs the perfect color matching of the run, he can order a special color proof (for a fee, or by agreement).

1.4 A signed layout (or a signed color proof) is the only document confirming that the customer is completely and completely satisfied with the finished design.

1.5 It is the customer, not the designers, who independently checks the standard, incl. checks for the presence of the necessary logos, the absence of typos, etc. the designer is not a proofreader and is not a manager or a lawyer, which means that he can only check the artistic and technical elements of the design layout, but not the content elements.

1.6 We carefully monitor the slightest technical and artistic blots, but keep track of typos and errors in texts and inscriptions, or, for example, the correctness of other people's logos — the prerogative of the customer, who is better acquainted with the material.

2. If, after signing the layout, the customer decides to make new changes, then this can be done painlessly only if the design has not yet been sent to circulation.

2.1 In case of additions and corrections after signing the layout, a printout and signature of the new, corrected layout is required.

2.2 If the design has already been sent to circulation, but the customer insists on new changes / corrections, then he will have to pay the cost of pre-press procedures (film output, plate making, etc.). To avoid such losses, be sure that the layout you sign is complete.

3. If the customer finds typographical errors or defects in the finished print run, the procedure for comparing the print run with the signed layout begins.

3.1 If typos and defects were present in the signed layout, this means that the customer himself inattentively checked the work, and Motin Production does not accept claims for circulation.

3.2 If there were no typographical errors or defects in the layout, which means that they appeared later due to the fault of Motin Production, the customer's claims are considered fair and are corrected at the expense of Motin Production.

4. When approving the standard, put the date next to the signature. If there are many printouts, it is advisable to sign all of them.

5. Hurry and inattention, as well as the acceleration of production processes, as a rule, affect the quality of the product

6. Understanding the need and strict implementation of the above procedures greatly facilitates the work and life of both the customer and the contractor. Neglecting them leads to significant financial losses for both parties.

7. All operations with the standard must be carried out on an empty stomach, after reading the mantras so as not to spoil the karma of the future product

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