Work on the creation of original designs, original layouts and various types of layouts can radically differ in the complexity of the task and the cost of their implementation. Therefore, all prices are given in the range - from the minimum price categories (for the simplest kind of work) to complex work, the upper limit of which is not always limited.

01 Pre-press work
Pre-press refers to technical work on pre-press checks, fine-tuning and preparation for replication. Only technical works fall into this category (correction of imperfections, errors, adjustment of individual elements). If you do not have your own proofreader, we can take the work of proofreading and correcting the text on ourselves at standard rates.
Making a minimum number of corrections
0 c.u. per lane
Significant number of fixes
1 c.u. per lane
Making significant changes
20 c.u. per lane
02 Layout work
The term "imposition" means the creation of original layouts on the Macintosh or PC platforms according to the simplest schemes, or according to templates developed by the designer. The cost of image processing and creation of a creative cover is negotiated separately.
Simple line layout (books with limited illustrations)
1 c.u. per lane
Simple layout (illustrated catalogs)
5 c.u. per lane
Layout of resource-intensive materials
10-50 c.u. per lane
03 Design (creative) works
Creative is a piece, handmade work, the price of which is calculated each time with an individual approach and can often be adjusted if the initial conditions of the order change, which happens quite often at the will of the Customer. The simplest type of work is the production of text posters, posters, banners, tickets and invitations.
Base cost
50 c.u.
Full-fledged creative with image processing and creation
150-200 c.u. per lane
Creation of corporate identity (logo design, creation of templates for business cards, letterheads, calendars and other corporate material)
1000-5000 c.u.
Development of one logo
300-1000 c.u.
Corporate Brand Book
от 2000 c.u.