Our mission

Printing for people!

This is our Mission and our Motto. Here is what we mean by this short but capacious phrase: In our country, over the years, a certain idea of ​​​​printing houses and printers has developed.

A printer appears to many people as a graduate of a vocational school, smeared with paint, who is not indifferent to alcohol.

Apparently in the past, in the "Soviet" printing houses, this was the norm, therefore, out of habit, customers avoid production. Preferring to communicate with the printing house through intermediaries – advertising agencies. There is one more explanation for this: a translator is needed from the normal language to the language of printing terms. And for this service, the customer has to pay extra out of his own pocket. What's the solution?…

There is a way out! And this way out is in the application of new IT service technologies: when the printing house meets the customer not through an advertising agency, but through a friendly and understandable interface (both virtual and office). It's as simple as visiting the website or calling – and a ready-made printing order is already being delivered to your office or home! As easy as ordering a pizza.

The 21st century has already arrived!

New technologies have come that have minimized the "human factor"; and take quality to the next level. Being a certified printer is now prestigious! The new printing equipment is approaching the level of an airliner in terms of electronics and automation.

Modern printer — this is a professional pilot of the highest class.

Our mission – change people's perception of printers and create a new level of printing standards and service!

Printing — People!

Our mission